Who We Are

Our Mission ⇢

Creating strategic partnerships between churches and missionaries so both can thrive

  • Identify – Define where God is asking you to go and who He is asking you to reach, both locally and globally.
  • Engage – Prepare everyone in your church to play a role in going, preparing, caring, and receiving.
  • Send Out – Launch new missionaries to join your current partners or pioneer work with the unengaged and unreached.

Our Vision ⇢

That every church, world-wide, would have an active Great Commission strategy

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Our Core Values ⇢

  1. Everything begins with Prayer
  2. All our teachings are biblically based
  3. The Church is the vehicle for missions
  4. We aim to equip not enable the church
  5. We teach principals of partnership, not policies of missions

Our Why ⇢

To close the gap between churches and missionaries

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Because of our love for the church and missions, we desire to be a resource and support for both.

  • We love to see churches preparing and sending out missionaries.
  • We love to see churches and missionaries working hand in hand.
  • We love to see missionaries fully resourced to fulfill their vision.

We desire to be a resource and support for the church to intentionally raise up, send out and partner with their people who are serving locally, nationally and globally. We desire to be a support base and tool for missionaries to ask for, create and carry out a partnership model of ministry with their churches as they go and serve worldwide.

By creating strategic partnerships between the church and their missionaries, there is shared vision and shared participation in making disciples of all nations.

1more campaign

Join us this year as we raise up 1more kingdom working, helping their local churches make disciples of all nations.

Will you be the 1more to help us: translate our materials into 3 languages? Train national leaders in 3 new countries? Establish leadership on every continent?