The Great “CO-MISSION”
In 2016 our Here To There Team was asked by a Costa Rican pastor to come help him find “help” for the ministry he was doing. Upon arrival we discovered he had a very active ministry consisting of Worship Services, Feeding the Homeless in the Community and conducting a service weekly, Conducting Bible Studies at  Men’s and Women’s centers, Visiting the poor and sick as well as feeding people in these neighborhoods, and taking food and Gospel Tracts to street people in downtown San Jose. All this was being done by himself and one elderly lady, even though he pastored a church of a couple hundred members.  Our work was to identify and train members who could help in this ongoing ministry, which we did.
This is an example of the condition of most work being done by Missionaries today. So many are doing the work alone because of a lack of understanding of the “CO-Mission” aspect of this command.
The command of Christ for believers to go into all the world spreading His gospel has long been the accepted  plan for the propagation of His love, forgiveness, and plan for man’s salvation. Most of the time this is seen as an individual order to each believer. While this can be an accepted application, it was given to a group or team of committed and empowered followers.
Just the term itself, “Co-Mission” implies both multiplicity of participants as well as focus in work to be accomplished.
Yet, as we consider the reality of the work of “Missions” today, it is usually anything but “Co” in nature. Most of the time a church sends a check monthly to a missionary and occasionally reads a prayer letter and they call it “Missions”. At the same time a missionary and family are struggling in a foreign culture to do a work to which they have been called while feeling all alone and forgotten. Where is the “Co” in this process?
What is needed is a plan for both to “Partner” with the other for the benefit of all engaged. Missionaries desperately need the physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial assistance available through the supporting churches. Likewise, churches need the empowering impact that comes from members participating in the ongoing “Life & Mission” of a supported missionary. “Partnership” serves the good of both entities in such a huge way.
By the way, a recent check on that work in Costa Rica finds it flourishing with many from the church stepping up to accept the “Co-Mission” work needing to be done. Will you do the same? Step up and accept your call in your local church and see how you can partner with missionaries around the world.
Here To There Ministries works with Missionaries and Churches to train and equip them to discover and benefit from the joys of “Partnerships” between Missionary and Church.
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Wayne Dinsbeer

Church Partnership Lead


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