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The Big Mo!

By Wayne Pierce Acts 1:4-8-“And while staying with them he ordered them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait for the promise of the

Your Soul Right After a Trauma

As we focus in on care this week, we want to take a look at real examples of what our missionaries are facing in the

The Importance of ‘GO’ing During COVID

By Bryan Nicholson During these days of COVID when the world has been turned upside down I’ve noticed something somewhat precarious, although completely understood, in


Several years ago a friend registered to compete in a local marathon. She spent hours and hours training, eating correctly and working with a team

The Impact of Prayer in Ministry Strategy

by Wayne Dinsbeer No true follower of Christ, especially a leader of a ministry, would ever discount the validity and power of Prayer in the

Join the fight!

What Covid-19 taught me about partnerships I revel in the fact that I go against the flow. Yes, it got me in trouble (a lot),

Creating A Sending Culture

Ok, so, you’re in a church and want to see people making life changing decisions for God. You want your church to be a place

Outlawed Grief

It’s seems like that is all we have done for the last couple of months. Some have handled it well, yet others are struggling with

Developing a Missions DNA

by Wayne Dinsbeer When we think of DNA our mind quickly focuses on the chromosome makeup of our bodies. Science tells us the slightest of

1more campaign

Join us this year as we raise up 1more kingdom working, helping their local churches make disciples of all nations.

Will you be the 1more to help us: translate our materials into 3 languages? Train national leaders in 3 new countries? Establish leadership on every continent?