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A Biblical Basis for Sending

There has been a lot of discussion, possibly arguments, about the definition of a missionary. Are we all called to be missionaries or should that

How Vision Drives Strategy

Vision Defined: One of the most important ingredients in the life of a Church or Mission is Vision. Simply put, it is what God has

Ministry After COVID-19

                                                By Wayne Dinsbeer, Church Partnership Lead                                                                                     This blog is being written on a day our nation is celebrating a group of people who

And These Three Remain

Here we are in the midst of a world-wide pandemic and Coronavirus or COVID-19 has taken over everything. Virtually everything we hear, read and talk

Where Is Your “There”?

Traveling recently, I had the opportunity to see many diverse people traveling through both busy and not so busy airports. Even the not so busy

Missionary Kid

by Tim Pepper I vaguely remember saying goodbye to my friend, Kevin Varnes, in 1986. His family, close friends of ours, dropped us off at

My Long Journey To Goodbye, Part 3

A Look Inside the Journal of a Mother of a Missionary This 3 part guest series is written by our friend Lori Strickland and it

1more campaign

Join us this year as we raise up 1more kingdom working, helping their local churches make disciples of all nations.

Will you be the 1more to help us: translate our materials into 3 languages? Train national leaders in 3 new countries? Establish leadership on every continent?