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Your Soul Right After a Trauma

As we focus in on care this week, we want to take a look at real examples of what our missionaries are facing in the

Outlawed Grief

It’s seems like that is all we have done for the last couple of months. Some have handled it well, yet others are struggling with

Cultural Hope

“But what on earth can I write?” This was what I wrestled with last week as I thought about writing for A Life Overseas. Half

Missionary Kid

by Tim Pepper I vaguely remember saying goodbye to my friend, Kevin Varnes, in 1986. His family, close friends of ours, dropped us off at

Find Your Place On Mission

Recently I had the opportunity to join one of our Partner churches for 3 days of their week long VBS. All I can say is

Four Levels of Missionary Care: Part 1

There is no doubt that the ministry of missionary care is multi-leveled and multi-faceted. It’s multi-leveled in the cooperation of at least four levels of

The Strategy Advantage

By Wayne Dinsbeer Sure, I know it is only July, but the Hallmark channel has been playing Christmas movies for weeks. So you can get

Discerning A Call To Missions

A GUEST ARTICLE BY MATTHEW BENNETT I teach missions and theology at Cedarville University—a university that has missions pulsing through its veins in every department.

1more campaign

Join us this year as we raise up 1more kingdom working, helping their local churches make disciples of all nations.

Will you be the 1more to help us: translate our materials into 3 languages? Train national leaders in 3 new countries? Establish leadership on every continent?