Glorious Unfolding / Church Partnerships

A couple years ago Steven Curtis Chapman recorded a song that describes the way God works in our life on His time table to bring about His will and accomplish His purpose. It speaks of being in the midst of a trial and not giving up, but understanding God uses all things to bring His good will in us. When this happens it becomes a “Glorious Unfolding” in our life as we see Him turn our trial into triumph.

The work of Missions and Church Partnership development is like a “Glorious Unfolding” in the life of a Missionary and Church. Through trials and unexpected situations which arise God is able to teach us lessons He desires us to learn which lead to victories  in ministry down the road.

In the last month I have been presented with the same “trial” from two different missionaries from parts of the world far apart from each other. Both stated that a loss of support was causing a critical need in their ministries and that this loss was related to churches with new pastors revamping mission budgets resulting in dropping their support. Each said they were going to have to return to the States to work on support raising.

In one situation a Missionary in Haiti needed both funding as well as new transportation upon his return. I was in a church where he presented these needs. At this church a substantial offering was received. A few weeks later I saw on his facebook post a picture of him standing in front of his new Ford F250 4×4 truck which had been given to him by a person attending a service at which he  usually doesn’t attend. We know God had him at this service to hear the need of this Missionary and respond with this gift. Now there is a “Glorious Unfolding” which came out of an unexpected trial, but I’m sure will result in a new Church Partnership that will be a lasting blessing to both.

Back in October the other Missionary attended one of our Missionary Trainings and heard our team teach about the benefits of establishing Partnership Relationships with Churches. This Missionary met with us and invited us to come to Kenya to meet with his leadership team. After seeing and meeting his great Missions team, we are now in the process of working with him to establish Church Partnerships that will assist him with long term funding of his ministry.

James talks about the trials of our faith building patience within us. None of us enjoys the experience of trials and tribulations. We would rather learn patience another way, if possible. But, God uses these times to bring us closer to Him and willing to make adjustments in our life to bring about His glory.

Here 2 There Ministry is purposed in being used of God to bring about His “Glorious Unfolding” in the lives of Missionaries and Churches. As we work with each to help them identify their Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and Uttermost (Acts 1:8), we also seek to lead them to discover His plan to minister within each of these areas. This involves many components such as: Vision Casting, Recruiting and Training, Mission Strategy, Mobilization, just to name a few.

Missionaries and Churches with whom we work have a desire to see great things for God happen, but often lack a plan to bring it to pass. It is the joy of H2T to work with Missionaries and Church Leaders to expose, educate, and experience the benefits of Church Partnership. When this happens there truly is a “Glorious Unfolding” of God’s working in lives and ministries. To discover more about the need for Church Partnerships and how this works read one of our resource books Antioch Revisited by Tom Julian.

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Wayne Dinsbeer

Church Partnership Lead

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