The World is Still Closed

Doing Missions in uncertain Times

No one is using ink anymore. We are all using pencils again and very quickly wearing down the erasers. It’s not just change, it’s rapid change and it’s constant. It’s causing us to be a bit more vulnerable, flexible, adding less busy-ness to our days and re-evaluating our routines and systems.

There is one thing that is constant: our need to personally connect with people and take the Gospel to all nations and make disciples.

Yes, this looks different than it did just 3 months ago, but it’s still our biggest
command of action as The Church. Our system of missions is shifting. Our plans are needing alterations. But, our goal is still the same. So, now what do we do?

Our church’s participation in missions has never been more vital. As the shift in ‘physically present’ ministry seems to be on hold we need to be creative. We need more hands on deck to bring innovative ways to connect, care, serve and share.

As many of us turn to online platforms the world has vastly opened to us and those seeking for community and connection are at our fingertips, literally.

The isolation has been strange and difficult, but it also brought some shape-
shifting with it. Forcing us to fight for connectivity, forcing us to try new ways, and opening our eyes to new possibilities of community.

By now your church has a new view of the world. Your church has never had a greater connection to the world. Your church has a new opportunity to connect, impact, share through the individual’s innovation lying in waiting.

Your doors might be reopening, but the world is still closed. As you stay
committed to your Great Commission vision, look inward to the innovation sitting right beside you. Look for ways to deploy those waiting to reconnect with the world. Now is the opportunity to recreate the structure of your systems and services to include mobilization and equipping elements of equipping and preparations.

The process might not be as grandiose as before. And every activity or event
might not include the whole church. But, that’s ok. It utilizes more people, in a more intentional way and it’s the thing your missionaries need and it’s what your church body has been empowered to do.

Don’t let uncertainty keep you from making plans and seeking out new options.

Our mission hasn’t changed, just the way we get to do it.

Stefanie Nicholson
Founder & Team Lead

P.S. If your church would like to have a conversation about church-wide
mobilization, please contact me. [email protected]

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