Together on Mission with God: A Biblical Basis for Partnership

“Two are better than one” is a statement most people would affirm, at least until the two are left fighting over a single cinnamon roll. Who would disagree that sharing, working together, or getting along with others is virtuous? When considering God’s mission to redeem a lost world, we must have a more substantial foundation for partnership than generic moral platitudes.

Certainly, there are practical considerations that encourage Christians to work with others.

  • Two people can accomplish a bigger job more efficiently than someone working alone.
  • Globalization forces interaction across cultures whether it is pursued or not.
  • Working with local people more adept at culture and language has obvious benefits.
  • Specialization and cheaper labor can lead to “more bang for the buck.” 

While these pragmatic advantages are not inconsequential, missionaries need biblical support and guidance for entering cross-cultural partnerships. I would like to address four foundational Biblical truths that lead to partnership in mission. In subsequent posts, I will propose a definition of partnership and offer principles and practices for healthy partnership.

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