Combating the Virus With Love and Intentionality

It seems hard to believe that seven months into 2020 we are still dealing with this worldwide killer called “Covid 19”. Each news broadcast is focused on numbers which are staggering to think about. Our last blog dealt with ways to minister during and following this pandemic with suggestions for actions which focused efforts on the church using the tools God has provided in the most efficient and impactful ways to accomplish ministry goals.

Though Covid remains the topic on most minds, let me draw your attention to two other viruses with which our nation and the world is facing – Racial Tension and Spiritual Decay. The first is certainly spoken of in the news more than the second, but the second has both present and eternal impacts on lives greater than the first.

Let’s deal with the Racial Tension first with an example I witnessed and was a part of recently. My Dad and I have breakfast twice a week to talk about all sorts of things. He is 91 and still very active and sharp mentally. This week we were dining at a restaurant neither of us had been to before to accommodate a vehicle repair appointment I had near this cafe. Sitting at a table nearby was an African American family of senior adult age having breakfast with their adult daughter.

 My Dad, as he often does, asked if he could pay for their breakfast, to which they responded with such joy and expression of the blessing this would be to them. They told us they had just come from a local cancer center where the Mom had rung the bell signifying she had taken her last chemo treatment. They were rejoicing over that and God had allowed us to be a part of this celebration.

I went over to them and we all prayed together thanking God for His mercy, power, and grace. They expressed they were believers and we all praised our Lord for His saving grace. We talked about the fact that we are Brothers and Sisters in Christ and His love transcends all matters.

Scripture tells us a lot about this matter of LOVE in our lives. This was my Dad’s way of expressing his and God’s love for these people. Christ said in Matthew 22 that Loving God and Loving our Neighbor are the two greatest commandments. Paul tells us that Love never fails in I Corinthians 13. In John 13 Jesus admonishes His disciples to love one another. John tells us in I John that Love is of God. Jesus’ teaching about loving our enemies in Matthew 5 is certainly a reversal of how we usually treat them.

You get the picture here. The answer to the Racial Tensions being so divisive in our world and nation is the Love of God being shared with others of All races alike. We the Believers are the vehicle God has instructed and appointed to do this. It’s not just a “Church” proclamation. It is every Christ Followers mandate. There is ample evidence in scripture and in life to support the power which acts of love and kindness can have on others. The question becomes, can others tell we are Christ’s Disciples by our love? How can you show God’s love to those within your sphere of contact? Like Nike says, “Just Do It”. You will be amazed how far love will take you in your work of caring for others.

The second virus of which we spoke is that of a Spiritual Decay and decline we see all around us. Of much greater eternal consequence than Covid, yet it is not treated like the condemning pandemic it truly is in lives today.

When Christ gave instructions for the proclamation of the Gospel in Matthew 28, He was not making a mere suggestion. He was giving us a clear Commission – a Great Commission to Go, Teach , Baptize, and Make Disciples. When I was a boy, any time my parents would tell me to do something it was not done with the thought of “if I feel like doing it” in their minds.  Any lack of immediate response with obedience on my part was met with a quick and usually painful course correction for me from my Mother or Father. 

To bring about evangelism in our world will take complete obedience to the Great Commission given us by Christ. That may take on various methods and means, but certainly it must be INTENTIONAL on our part.

I have a friend  who is an African American Attorney. He is a graduate of the University of Florida both undergrad and Law School. When not working he wears an LSU, purple and gold jersey for a unique purpose, which he had shared with me the first time I saw him wear it knowing he was a Florida grad.

 I was with him at a local ice cream shop, standing in line outside waiting to be served. A gentleman came up to him and commented on his LSU jersey to which he immediately replied with his very INTENTIONAL plan for sharing the gospel. 

In a matter of minutes he had told the man that he was a graduate of Florida, but wears the LSU colors because it gives him greater opportunity to tell others about the Love of God. Without delay or hesitation he took the man through the plan of salvation, to which this man replied that he was a Christ Follower, but what an awesome purpose and way of sharing the gospel. My friend is a big guy with an attorney’s voice, so a lot of people heard the plan of salvation at this ice cream shop. He was very intentional  in his response and reaction to this man’s comments about his LSU jersey. That is his way of being intentional for sharing the gospel.

Overcoming the Spiritual Decay plaguing us worldwide starts with Christ Followers being Intentional about sharing their faith with others. You don’t have to have a fancy, long narrative about religion. The most effective testimony and witness is what God has done in your life. At Pentecost in Acts 2:11 those empowered to be witnesses were telling others of the wondrous works of Jesus which they had seen and experienced. These works had changed their life forever.

The world doesn’t need a bunch of theology they don’t understand. They need to hear how a Savior changed your life and can change theirs. They need to hear about God’s love, mercy, forgiveness, and New LIfe! The work of Christ Followers is to Be INTENTIONAL with our witness. 

   You might be questioning what these things have to do with Here2There Ministries. Simply, this is why we exist. To help individuals, churches, and missionaries become more effective in accomplishing the Great Commission in their lives and ministries. 

  • Our work focuses on Prayer Development which leads to the establishing of an 
  • Acts 1:8 Vision for defining your JJSU (Jerusalem,Judea,Samaria,Uttermost) &
  • Creating a MAP (Mission Action Plan) to reach your JJSU by
  • Training and Mobilizing members to Serve Others. 

To discover more about the work of Here2There contact us at [email protected] for more information about who we are and what we do. We want to work with YOU.

By Wayne A. Dinsbeer, Church Partnership Lead

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