Resourcing Your Ministry, Part 1 – Personnel

by Wayne Dinsbeer, Church Partnership Lead

One of the most important factors which plays a major part in the accomplishing of ministry goals and objectives is to have each aspect of the goal properly resourced.

Nothing kills the excitement and momentum built by the promotion of a great ministry initiative than to have it fail to get through the approval process due to lack of resources.

Just as critical as the vision and passion behind the plan is the strategy to resource the plan with the right people. We have all seen situations where someone is trying to do something for which they have no training or knowledge. It is usually a disaster.

Many times the enthusiasm to move a project or ministry forward causes leadership to make wrong selections for people to do the work. I have been a Christian Ed Director and know that putting just anyone in a class of Elementary Boys does not work out for the good of the Boys or the Volunteer. This is not a formula for “Burn Out” but for “Run Out”.

The key to the success of any ministry endeavor is getting “The Right People in the Right Seat”, a phrase from the book Traction.  One of the ways to accomplish this is to know the people who God has placed within the ministry. You see, God does not give  the Pastor or Missionary a Vision for which He does not Resource His ministry to fulfill.

How well do you know the people working with and around you? Do you know their Strengths and Weaknesses? Are you aware of the Passions and Abilities? Have you discovered their Experiences and Expertises? Much of this knowledge comes from having a relationship with people.

Another great tool to use in discovering the talents others have with whom you serve is to conduct a Spiritual Gift Survey. Their responses to a battery of questions asked in it will help guide you to a better awareness of how God has most likely gifted them. From experience I know that it is better to ask someone to serve in an area where they are gifted and have a desire and passion to be, as opposed to just the opposite being the case.

Personnel is one of the most critical components to proper resourcing of any ministry and work endeavor. It can make or break the success of the task. Be sure you get the right person in the right seat as you resource your work.

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