Rules of Partnership – Part 2 of 3

“”Great leaders must have two things: a vision of the world that does                                             not yet exist and the ability to communicate that vision clearly””

– Simon Sinek

The second rule in our three-part series is CLEAR VISION. In order for the church and the missionary to be working together on a specified project or need there has to be a clear vision defined, and a clear strategy created. This vision must be seeable and easily sharable from both sides of the partnership. Often times missionaries share they have so many needs, but when we need to give a list it is too hard for us to articulate the details.

Yes, this shared vision is not the norm for churches and missionaries. Typically the missionaries are out doing the work in their areas and simply sharing the results with the churches.  But, in strategic partnerships both the churches and the missionaries are working together using resources from both sides to get the job done. When there is more than one person working on a job there has to be a clear vision and strategy in place to work from.

This seems to fall into the more “business” side of ministry, but it is a valuable area most ministries miss in their planning. From the vision a team can establish a strategy, set goals, create a working plan and set markers along the way to know when they’ve reached their goal.

Having a clear vision allows both the missionary and the church to divide and conquer – each taking a piece of the vision as their own

Vision does not mean you have to have all the answers. Vision means you know where God is leading you. Through your partnerships, and regular communication, you can decide how you are going to reach the vision and who you are going to need to get you there. This is a great opportunity for churches and missionaries to work together. Neither one of them is bringing “their side” to the table, but they are discovering it together as God reveals the details of the vision to them collectively.

Vision changes. As you get closer to accomplishing your vision you will need to set a new vision. So, vision is something that is measurable and tangible.

  1. Clear and concise – so others can remember
  2. Compelling and captivating – so people will join you and support you along the way
  3. Challenging – providing a solution to a need

Churches – do you have a vision for missions at your church? Have you identified the best way your church is going to reach the world? Have you targeted your geographic locations or people groups you are set out to reach? Having a vision allows you to set goals, identify the right people (inside and outside your church) to help you reach that vision and create the best strategy to accomplish that vision and reach your goals. We already know we are to make disciples of all nations, but how are you doing that and where are you starting are some great tangibles to identify to give your church what they need to know in how they can join you.

Missionaries -when you have a good, clear, seeable vision it makes it easier to share your needs, and invite others to join you. When our vision isn’t clear (to others) it brings about great frustration…we don’t understand why people don’t want to join us, or why they are having trouble understanding what we are doing. You should run your vision by several honest friends and church leaders, and ask them if they know what you are doing and what you want others to do with you. This is hard work, but it is important. Having a clear vision also gives you the perfect opportunity to match your vision with the vision of potential church partners – giving you a common thread to make a partnership connection.

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It doesn’t matter if you are a church or a missionary, either way you need clear vision and you need to be able to share that vision with others, clearly, so they will join you. If you don’t have a clear vision, or are having trouble communicating that vision with your church body or with your partnership churches, please call H2T to help you clarify and communicate your vision.

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