“The 5 Must Haves”

The new year, particularly February and March, means that it’s Missions Conference Time for most churches!!! This is such a vital vision time for churches to see what they are a part of globally. This is a great time for your church to better connect and get acquainted with the ministry partners you support and catch up on what’s going on. BUT, this year, don’t just go through the motions of “how’s it going?” type questions, really get down to the nitty gritty with your missionaries. Make this conference the best year yet by digging deeper, being more intentional in connecting and long term-planning with your missionaries.

NO DOUBT, if you take these 5 ways and implement them into your already planned conference you will see greater responses from your church body and from your missionaries. You will see relationships deepen, initiation from your church body, greater care and concern, and a fire only the Holy Spirit can bring.

Please let us know how we can assist you with your upcoming conference. We want to be available to volunteer, teach, train, clean… so your conference is the best!

And check out our new resource page to see what tools your church can use during the conference.


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