Cast your cares on the Lord

Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall (Psalm 55:22).

A few months ago I wrote a blog about anxiety. In that blog we discussed that everyone has anxiety. This month I am going to continue with that same theme.

In the verse above it states Cast your cares on the Lord.  I wonder how heavy your load gets or how burdened you feel before you decide to cast your cares on the Lord?

Often, we as Christians (and many times those of us in ministry) feel like we have to do everything ourselves. We have so many things to balance. Not just our ministry-seeking to bring people to salvation, but having to raise money, budget wisely, parent our children, be a good spouse, and maintain our home, not to mention all the meetings to attend, and spending time with friends and neighbors.  

Its no wonder that we feel stressed and burdened. But, as the scripture says, once we give our care to the Lord, he will SUSTAIN you. Sustain. What a great word. According to Websters dictionary it means to give support or RELIEF . Isnt that something we all want? Support and especially RELIEF!? Isnt it great to know that once we RELEASE our cares to the Lord, he will give us RELIEF. And, then it doesnt stop there. He gives us another promise. He will never let the righteous fall.

I think sometimes the reason we dont want to release our cares, isnt because we doubt relief, I am sure we know and acknowledge that letting go, will feel good, but I think one of the major problems is realizing that he wont let us fall. Holding on to our cares can be like a false sense of security or confidence. We think that if we can just handle all of this then we will become successfulBut in reality the more we pile on, the less we can and will succeed, and tend to fall!

1.) Think about something that you need to give to the Lord today?

Is it your time? Money? Family? An obsessive thought? A difficult decision? Or something else?

2.) How can you give this burden over to the Lord?

Through prayer? Speaking to a loved one? Asking for help? Or seeking professional advice? Or something else?

3.) What would it feel like to have relief from your burdens or cares?

4.) Through the coming weeks I encourage you to RELEASE cares to the Lord, feel the RELIEF from your burdens, and trust that God will not allow you to fall.

For more information or if you need to talk to someone please dont hesitate to contact Here to There Ministries at [email protected]

Christy Paul, LMHC

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