My M&M Experience

You are probably wondering what these things have to do with each other. They all teach us how God is able to work through the most unusual things in our life to bring about His plan. Let me explain:

The first week of July Donna and I were returning from a week of camping in some great State Parks in Alabama. We have enjoyed the camping experience since our children were small and we were all in a pop-up camper. Now our children are grown, our camping is done in a little larger RV, but the hiking, biking, and just being in the awesome Nature that God created is still something we enjoy.

22 miles west of Tallahassee, Florida, God gave us an experience which proved to be the highlight of our trip. Now in the previous week we had hiked to waterfalls, done some biking, eaten at some great local restaurants, viewed July 4th Fireworks, and  even toured a battleship, the USS Alabama. But what happened this day topped it all, We had a Flat Tire!

Usually a flat tire isn’t that big a deal, but when it is on your RV it becomes bigger. Couple that with being on the side of a busy major highway I-10 and it further complicates matters. No problem, we have AAA. So I called them for assistance only to be made aware that our coverage does not include our RV. We needed help so they did get someone coming to our rescue.

I then called our insurance company as we have Roadside Assistance coverage on all our vehicles. This call proved to be of greater success as they said we were covered up to $400. They even offered to pay directly for the service call.

After a couple of hours of waiting and rocking as vehicles sped by us, Steve, the Tire Service Tech finally arrived. Upon looking at our situation he began working to replace our shredded tire. It was about 15 minutes into his work that the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said it is time for you to go to work for Me. I knew exactly what I was to do.

Right there on the side of I-10 I began a conversation about the Lord with Steve, an older gentleman. He said he lived across the street from a church and attended occasionally. I then asked if he knew for sure that he was going to heaven, to which he replied, “No, but that would be a good thing to know.” As I shared with him about God’s love for him I could tell he had not heard this before. Just as we finished talking about how our sin separates us from God, it was time to move to the other side of the RV. Steve wanted to check the other tires.

Now we were on the traffic side of the vehicle with cars and trucks speeding by just inches from us. Steve, said to me, “Go on, I want to hear the rest.” My heart rejoiced and feared at the same time. With my back to the on coming traffic, I remember thinking, “O God, Please keep us safe. I know I am going to heaven if I get hit, but Steve isn’t until I get him to a prayer of salvation.” Donna could see in the mirror what was happening and began to pray for me. I continued, now yelling so he could hear, telling Steve how Christ died to forgive his sins and desires to save him. Right there on the side of I-10 Steve prayed to receive Christ as his Savior.

I could see an immediate peace on his face as we talked about his decision (away from the traffic). I wrote the verses down I had shared with him and encouraged him to share his decision with his family and Pastor. He said he would.

Then I asked Steve if anyone had ever told him they were glad they had a flat tire. He said, “No one.” I told him I was glad because God had given us a Divine Appointment to meet and talk. Steve agreed.

You may say what does this have to do with Here 2 There and our work. We are all about being “On Mission”. That isn’t just about work done on a foreign field somewhere, but it is about each follower of Christ being ready to share their faith Anytime, Anywhere, with Anyone. The work of H2T is about training up believers who are ready, willing, and able to be Mobilized for Mission when the Spirit calls.

H2T is focused on establishing “Partnerships” with Missionaries, individuals and Churches. We desire to have an ongoing relationship that focuses on preparing Churches and Missionaries to accomplish the Vision God has given them for His work.

Would you say that most people in your church know how God has gifted them to serve Him? Is the majority of membership engaged in an area of Service for the Lord some place either in the Church or reaching the Community and World? Have you ever considered that You are “On Mission” with God every minute of your life. Are you equipped to be Mobilized at any moment to do His work? Our Resources and Training Materials do exactly that for Missionaries, Church Leaders and Members.

On our website you will find training tools and resources which are available to assist Missionaries, individuals and Churches in training people for Kingdom Work. One resource you will find is a witnessing tool called STEP OUT, which gives 4 Simple Steps to a Church On Mission – Serve, Tell, Eat, Pray.  I encourage you to check us out at

By the way, our tire repair came to a little over $400, which the insurance company is paying. For a couple of hours delay on the highway Steve knows he is a Child of God.

Now, that’s a Great Flat Tire!

Wayne Dinsbeer

Church Partnership Lead

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