God’s Got This!

Here lately I have been unusually impacted and impressed by the way God has worked in the situations of my everyday life. Because of my faith and spiritual teaching, I have known for all my Christ Following days that God has a plan for my life. I also know that God is interested in the details of my life and has worked out His plan, even before I knew this was happening.

Five years ago He transitioned our life from that of a Church Staff Pastor after 40+ years to that of a Missionary with Here2There Ministries. A major change and transition was that of finances in that we (my wife and I) transitioned from regular salary jobs to a need for raising support.

There is comfort in knowing you are doing God’s will and the decisions made are a part of His plan. Still when you think of the reality that the bills come monthly, but now there are no paychecks to cover them, that can make one a little nervous. It didn’t take long for God to show me “He had this” as  income began to come from sources totally unexpected. What assurance it is to know in the area of my finances – “God’s Got This!”

Over these past few years of ministry with H2T God has continued to show me that He has His plan all worked out in other areas of my life, as well, and not just my life, but His work which I am a part. Over and over He proves that He is at work preparing the way for His work long before I get there. Let me share a couple of recent examples.

At one of our Partner Churches we are assisting with developing ministry strategy for their work to their defined Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and Uttermost. January saw a focus on the Uttermost (Missions) endeavor. Part of their MAP (Mission Action Plan) is the recruiting and training of MST(Missionary Support Teams).

The process starts with recruiting a Lead Coordinator for the MST. We had been prayerfully searching for a person to be in this role. We discovered that a  couple who had been attending for some time, but not really plugged in anywhere, had been in Pastoral ministry and had served three years on a mission field. Upon meeting with them and presenting the opportunity, they responded with a spirit of “God has prepared and gifted us for this time and place”. God had this long before we knew it.

To further prove how God was working years ago for this time and opportunity, In my first meeting with this gentleman I took my Dad, a retired but still active minister, who serves on the Board of Liberty University. We discovered in conversation that Dad knew this man’s brother who had served as part of the faculty at LU years ago. This made the conversation all the more interesting. It was a definite confirmation of God being in this.

In another recent “God’s Got This” moment, I am coaching Pastors and Church Leaders in two churches as a part of our AMPD (Association of Missionary Partnership Development) training. This week I met with a Missions Director of one of these churches to discuss the topic of PARTNERSHIP and their Mission Strategies.

With me was one of our Here2There Coaching Volunteers. We arrived at our meeting place before the Mission Director did. I was going over our plan of discussion for this meeting with the other Coach. In the conversation I discovered that my partner H2T Coach had known the person with whom we were meeting for years. He also knew his brother. What a benefit this was in our meeting. “God Had This !” and was working on it long ago.

While these may seem trivial to you, to me they were added confirmations that God is always working for us as we seek to do His Will and His Work. Long before there was even a thought of either of these meetings coming to pass God was laying the foundation for His work to be accomplished.

Working 40+ years in Church Pastoral Ministry, there have been many occasions when I was prone to wonder just how God was going to work out this situation or that need. While we all know and teach, “My God shall supply all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus”, Philippians 4:19, it often becomes a challenge to trust in Him completely.

I recall back in the 70’s when the economy was bad and many businesses and even some churches were forced to close their doors,  a church I worked for experienced real financial setbacks. During that time God had blessed the businesses of several faithful members of that church. Upon many occasions, when there was need, these members gave out of the abundance of their hearts. The work of that ministry continues to flourish today as God’s faithful servants obey Him.

Just a few years ago we were presented with a need and a challenge, travel to a country in Asia to teach Biblical truths. The need was great for us to go, but our finances were lacking. After much prayer in just a matter of weeks God had provided some $8k enabling my wife, Donna, and I  to serve in that country. God Had That!

Did you know that God is concerned for all the areas of our lives, not just our work and ministry. Just like He proved Himself faithful in the area of my finances, He continues to show His care for me in so many ways. The key for me is recognizing His divine presence and continual working. None of these situations were just coincidence.

Over and over the Bible tells of God’s miraculous provision for those seeking Him and even for those who aren’t.  Sure we know how God was with Joshua and David through their many conquests. But He was also working on behalf of Jonah and The Prodigal Son even when they were running from Him. Now, His working took them through some difficult places and experiences to get their attention. Still, each of these tells the stories of “God’s Got This !” moments.

My question to you is this. What are your “God’s Got This!” experiences? Is life throwing you some unexpected curve balls which seem difficult to handle? As a Child of the King – God’s Got This!”  Maybe you have some difficult family situations that seem impossible for you. God’s Got Those! It may be a health issue you face. God’s Got That too!

Trusting in God is always the right thing to do.  In the midst of any situation realizing “God’s Got This” can be a great comfort and encouragement to your heart. The key to this is just like the familiar hymn says, “When we walk with the Lord, in the light of His Word…”  that’s when we can Trust and Obey.

Wayne Dinsbeer

Church Partnership Lead

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