EFFECTIVE MISSIONS 10 -Areas to Measure Your Church’s Impact

One of my personal goals for 2019 is to compete in one more triathlon before my next birthday (maybe a significant number). I began running and riding more to build up my strength and distance. I picked out a date for the race. I got some new equipment to help me train. I have a training plan that requires so many miles on the bike and so many miles in the water and running. I know how many times I need to practice a ‘brick’ (bike/run combo) and interval trainings. The easy part of the process is, if I do the training, I will be ready for the race. I have a goal, and I have a plan to reach my goal, and I plan to accomplish my goal!

When I first started competing my plan was to finish and not die.

After my first race I was addicted and wanted to do better, so I began training with others who were more experienced in this area. They gave me tips on training, helped me get better equipment and challenged me to push myself to a better time. I then started setting goals and working towards improvement. And, I did exactly what I set out to, eventually finishing second place in a race!

Does your church have a clear goal for mission in mind?

Do you have a mission’s vision that is measurable, attainable, understood by all, engageable by the church body? If not, how do you know if you are being effective? Your missionaries’ newsletters and updates are not to be the measuring stick for a successful ministry. The measuring stick is what God has asked your church to do, where He has asked your church to go, who He has asked to be a part of the plan to reach this vision.

If you don’t have a goal, how do you know if you’ve met it?

Each church needs to have their own clearly defined vision and mission for missions so that you can set clear plans of action into place, empower the right people and set your plan into motion.

Below are 10 areas of that can be measured as you build your mission vision.

  1. Prayer team that is regularly meeting to pray with the pastor and leadership and asking God for the clear vision and plan for missions.
  2. A Mission Support Team (MST) for each missionary and ministry partner
  3. Fully engaged church body participating in the vision development, deployment of missionaries, care while missionaries are away.
  4. Designated regions or people groups around the world the church is focused on reaching and serving. (Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, Uttermost)
  5. New and potential missionaries in training
  6. Regular visits to work with and/or simply visit missionary partners
  7. Ongoing connection and communication with missionaries
  8. Emotional and mental check in and support for each missionary
  9. Emergency plans (natural disaster, family emergency, local/political unrest…)
  10.  Return plans for retiring, relocating, transitioning missionaries

We want your church to be effective in reaching all nations – both near and far. We want to see your church body joining with you in these efforts. We want to see people being sent to the nations from your church. That all starts with a plan.

If your church needs help clarifying their mission plan, please contact H2T today. We have a team of people ready to join you in fulfilling the vision God has laid out for you.

Visit our resources page to find tools to help you lay out and reach your goals

Stefanie Nicholson

Team Lead

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