Outlawed Grief

It’s seems like that is all we have done for the last couple of months. Some have handled it well, yet others are struggling with these new ways of life. We are not sure what to do with all the loss that we have encountered. Do we just accept it and move on, do we spend hours and days wallowing in our sorrow, do we tell everyone we know. Is there a template or protocol we should be using when we incur such tragedy and loss?

Have you ever seen grief outlawed? Have you ever felt like grief was just simply not allowed? Like it was wrong and breaking some unwritten rules?

People outlaw grief through pithy (and useless) sayings: “He’s in a better place,” or, “It will all work out in the end,” or, “At least it wasn’t any worse,” or, “Don’t be sad about what you lost, be grateful for what you had.” Basically, folks communicate to the griever that they should not be sad—that their grief is not right or welcome. 

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