Stripped Down Church

Image of church in a field.

READ: Acts 2:42-47

PRAY: Ask the Holy Spirit to show you these verses in a new way and reveal clarity for your churches and ministries.

One of the coolest parts of being in ‘lock-down’ over the last year was the simplicity of the church. My personal church eventually got down to a single acoustic guitar and leader doing the well-known songs and hymns (keep reading), someone read a passage of scriptures and prayed, someone shared a testimony and the pastor sat at the table with his Bible and just taught. At several points along the message the pastor would prompt us to pause the video and pray about what he just said.

I’m seeing more and more of ‘these’ types of churches popping up, and it reminds me of church plants around the world. People gather to read the Bible, pray and learn together. Children were in the same room, listening to the same message!

What if it was just that simple.
1. Apostles Teaching – Learning the Word of God
2. Fellowship – Encouragement in life together
3. Breaking of Bread – Acknowledging the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Christ
4. Prayer – Communing with God

Here are the actions they took:
1. They experienced the fear of God as they saw him do signs and wonders.
2. They cared for each other.
3. They were together consistently.
4. They Praised God

The results they saw:


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