God Did It Again!

A few years ago I was teaching through Pastor Francis Chan’s Bible Study “Forgotten God”. In one of the lessons he makes the statement that he desired to live his life in such a way that it can only be said, “God Did It”. We all have had those unexplainable things happen in our life where there is no other answer to the why or how this happened other than, “God Did It”.

In my life there have been many of these, including an automobile accident of one of my children where the car was totally demolished and dismantled and God protected them enabling them to walk away from the crash. Upon seeing the car I knew there was no way anyone should have survived, much less walked away from that accident. God Did It!

When Donna and I stepped away from our Church Staff jobs of 45 + years to work with Here 2 There Ministries our income stopped, but the responsibility of bills to pay didn’t.

The work of Missionaries calls for support raising which we had never had to do until now. Concerned about our financial future, we began seeking funding and Partners to join us in this work. Immediately God began to touch the hearts of those wanting to Partner with us and His divine provision was evidenced in many ways.

You have heard the saying which Christ Followers often use, “I don’t know how, but I know Who”. That certainly applied to our lives and continues to do so. From sources totally “God Sent” He has provided for us  every step of the way. He most recently used a hurricane to do some damage to our house so that He could use sources in place to provide our needs far above our expectations. PTL!!

I was at a Missions Funding Conference last month to learn more about raising funding needs for Mission work. The one thing that was hammered home speaker after speaker was that “God is our Source”. How easy that is to forget when we get caught up in the day to day hustle of trying to be our own provider. That doesn’t work well at all. It is only in coming to the realization that God is our source for everything that we truly can experience peace in our walk with Him.

We all know people who put their trust in so many different places, from the growth of a stock portfolio to the expansion of a company. There is nothing wrong with these unless your focus and dependency is so much on these worldly “things” that your trust is not in God. There are many very wealthy individuals in the world today, all with one thing in common – the amount of money they will leave behind when they die, All of It!

Matthew 6:20 & 21 speaks to making “eternal” investments which will not deteriorate in this world. It also gives us the answer to the question, “how do I get my heart into something?” Verse 21 says to put your “treasure” there and your heart will follow.

When our treasure is where God is working we can experience joy in our heart that only trusting in Him can bring.

So, what has God done for you lately? Maybe a better question would be “What have you done for God lately? Are you trusting in Him? Is your treasure in the right place?

Are you experiencing those “God Did It” moments in your life?

In Acts 2 we see the power of the Holy Spirit coming upon people at Pentecost. This was the key to the rapid spread of the gospel and the growth of the New Testament Church. Vs 11 speaks to people hearing the Word in many tongues and telling others of “the wondrous works of God”. These were people who had lived and been present when Jesus had performed His miracles and taught His lessons on life. No doubt what they were telling others were the things which they had experienced with Jesus.

That is what will make a difference in the lives of others with whom we share. Just telling them of the “wondrous works” He has done in our lives day by day. Those “God Did It” moments.

Wayne Dinsbeer

Church Partnership Lead


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