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I straddle the fence when it comes to being the partner or being the missionary. Here2There is the partner and supporter of several churches and missionaries world-wide and at the same time we are the missionary partners for many churches and individuals who help us exist. So, when I teach, write, and consult with our partners whom we help, I feel like I am preaching to the choir on some of the issues. Last week I had the awesome opportunity to volunteer at Leadercast – a leadership simulcast put on by Andy Stanley. Although I was there to work with the high school students at my table, I was also able to take away several good nuggets for me too! One being SELF-CARE & REST. I love it and hate it all at the same time.

This post is a challenge to churches to help the missionaries you work with.

At the Leadercast Michael Hyatt emphasized how important rest was to us physically, but he also showed what happens when we rest. With rest and self-care we see results in ourselves physically, but also in our work. He showed three areas we see the benefits of rest in our work lives too.

  1. Gives you energy
  2. Gives you an edge
  3. Give you confidence to endure

If you’ve read any of my blogs, you know this is something I have to really focus on and make a point to do myself – for many reasons, my second bout with shingles being one of them.

As leaders in our churches and in our teams, we know we need it. We, hopefully, take the time to practice it, but we also need to demand it from those around us, INCLUDING OUR MISSIONARIES. A huge part of partnership is caring for the actual missionaries themselves. They need to be healthy (emotionally, spiritually and physically) in order to do the work they are there to do.

Let’s get create this week with our missionaries!!! Let’s think of ways we can DEMAND rest and fun from them. Here is a list of NINE EASY THINGS you can do that will demand rest, or self-care from your missionaries. It is one thing to emphasize it when you talk to them. “Did you take your vitamins today?” but it is another thing when we actually provide it for them. This shows how much you really care.

  1. Pinterest Family Date Night Ideas and send them the links
  2. Do some research on the area where they live and create a scavenger hunt for them
  3. Send them $25 extra bucks and demand pictures of what they did with it (FUN STUFF ONLY)
  4. Send them a prepaid itunes card (region specific) and provide them a family night at home
  5. Find a local gym near them and pay for a months membership
  6. Create a challenge between all of your missionaries on who has the most fun (set date, time, proof)
  7. Send them a care package with all the resources they need for family Olympics challenge
  8. Provide them with the opportunity to go to a local hotel (or the equivalent) for the weekend and order room service and be spoiled.
  9. Help them create a rest-self care schedule that ensures long-term focus on their part, to get what they need.

Create your own list, share it with your Missionary Support Team leaders and start helping your missionaries have fun and take care of themselves too.


We would love to see what you come up with and what your missionaries do for fun!!! Please share your results with us at [email protected]



Stefanie Nicholson

Founder and Team Lead

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