Our teams TOP 5 blogs!

Stefanie Nicholson-

It can happen to you – with the recent tragedies in our city and the increasing number of suicides due to depression, this one seems to hit very close to home. You seem to always say, “They always seemed so happy all the time” and are almost always caught off guard. I want us to stop being surprised by these events and start doing something to prevent them.
The Great Urbanization Migration – I love planning for ways to reach the nations, and I love that the nations are coming to us. I am excited about the increase of great food to our major cities, but I also look for the easier doors of opportunity to reach the nations right in your back yard.
Help Them Have Fun– As someone who has spent a large amount of time away from “home” I know the joys of receiving a special something from friends or family. Pre-planned event nights are especially fun when you don’t have access to taco seasoning (every one needs Taco Tuesday).
Is Your Manger Clean – I am so grateful to work with people and churches who are “ready” with eagerness. I love to see people who have a passion for the lost and do what they need to do to prepare themselves to be “ready”.
The Importance of Sacred Rhythms pt 1 and pt 2 – I am learning more and more how important rest, and consistent rest is. This is great for our bodies, our minds and our hearts as we lead others by example in ministry and being fully prepared to hear and follow God.
Wayne Dinsbeer-
I Came, I Served, I Got the Tee Shirt  Now What?  – This was a great follow up to Short Term Journeys and next things.
They’re Coming – The Great Urbanization Migration – what a great article which challenges us to be
ready for the Mission Field which is coming to us.
Help them have fun – this blog explains the fun of part of Partnerships which includes 9 very creative &  practical ways to minister to your Missionaries.
Bryan Nicholson-
Mark Painter-
Un necessary returns – is very pertinent to the here2there.org and addresses a significant missionary issue.
Are you living by faith – this is a real world testimony and provides a personalized encouragement
Six areas missionaries need partnership– gets right to the point and sums up well here to there’s, concept of partnership

Cast your cares on the Lord – provides practical care steps 2 identified circumstances.
Too much compassion – does a good job of explaining compassion fatigue, providing examples of compassion fatigue symptoms, and starts one down the path of considering ways of dealing with that condition.
Wayne Pierce
Gina Gant-
Most missionaries have a hard time taking care of themselves. This blog helps us remember how important self care is in ministry. It’s a great resource for churches to help partner with their missionaries.
Is your manger clean – life needs to get messy so we can let God take control and help us produce fruit in our lives
The great migration we don’t all have no to leave our country to reach people, God is bringing them to us.
Sometimes we just need to step out of our comfort zone to see God’s faithfulness
Too much compassion This topic is one of my passions, helping people in ministry learn to take better care of themselves before it’s too late.

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